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38 Funniest Nursing Student Memes

We get it. Nursing is a demanding and stressful profession, and earning your nursing degree is no easier. There’s a lot of shifts on your feet with no breaks, memorization of endless medications and illnesses, and the pressure of getting it all right. Between patients and papers, you’re going to have a lot of endless nights and days when you drink more caffeine than water.

Remember to take care of yourself while you’re a nursing student. The rigorous curriculum and process are meant to prepare you for the intensity of being a nurse, but that does you no good if you aren’t at your best. Find something to laugh about when cramming for tests outside the testing center and waking up before dawn for clinicals. A little distraction can go a long way to help you re-energize.

Whether you’re in your first semester of nursing school or a seasoned nurse who still remembers being a student, we’ve rounded up some of the funniest nursing student memes to help get you through the day. Have a laugh and send them to your fellow classmates and nurses to spread the joy.

1. Welcome to Nursing School!

Nursing school memes

Nursing school is hard. Plain and simple. Part of what makes it so difficult are the notoriously frequent and hard tests. Send this meme to younger classmates and friends to share a laugh after a particularly hard exam. Remember, you’re going to learn a lot and help a lot of people. Just lower your sleep expectations.

2. When You Finish Your First Day of School:

nursing school memes

While it may seem overwhelming, remember your core values and the reasons why you wanted to go into nursing in the first place. Remember, the first day is always the hardest. That doesn’t mean you won’t have any more hard days, but you’ll learn how to tackle them, and if you stick with it and study hard, nursing school will be behind you in no time.

3. That New Nursing Student Look:

nursing school memes

Did we mention nursing school is difficult? Get prepared to be told “you look tired” a lot. Like, a lot a lot.

4. When Your Significant Other Is a Nursing Student:

nursing school memes

If you haven’t heard from your significant other in a few days, it might be time to check-in.

5. When It Hits You Just How Little Time You Have:

nursing school meme

Free time? I don’t even have school time. Share this meme with your friends and family members who complain you’re always busy.

6. Fake It Until You Make It:

nursing school meme

Remember, confidence is everything.

7. You’re Going to Have Days Where You Want to Quit:

Don’t worry, becoming a nurse is still a good idea. Hang tough, and you’ll come out of this better.

8. Sometimes There Just Isn’t Enough Time in the Day:

nursing meme

Who knows? It might be wise to invest in a minor in astrophysics. Share this meme with classmates who also have a full- or part-time job.

9. “What’re You Doing This Weekend?”

nursing meme

You know, you might as well just send them your graduation invite so they don’t have to ask.

10. Finding Your Saturday Night Outfit:

You may have to make it a movie night in. It’s alright, you’ve earned it.

11. Your New Favorite Passenger:

nursing school meme

Seriously though, don’t forget to buckle them up! You don’t want to shatter your windshield and pay for another 50-pound book.

12. You’ll Go Through Many Long Nights Together:

nursing school meme

Your significant other will forgive you. Probably.

13. There’s Always That Student Who Strangely Keeps It Together:

nursing school meme

Remember, being a complete mess is a totally normal part of the process.

14. Your New Drink of Choice:

It comes in red and white! Or whatever mandatory scrub color your work requires you to wear.

15. A New Way to Ask Your Patients How Much Pain They Have:

nursing school meme

If they’re a former nursing student, they’ll know how to answer.

16. Start Waterproofing Your Notes:

nursing school meme

You won’t ruin your notes, and you’ll seem more professional! Win-win!

17. After That Fifteenth Energy Drink While Studying:

nursing school meme

Just because you know how to live healthy, doesn’t mean you have to.

18. Do Not Disturb:

nursing school memes

When the first hint that you’re busy doesn’t land, sometimes drastic measures are required.

19. You’re Going to Start Applying Diagnoses to Yourself:

nursing school memes

Yet, for some reason, that’s not in any of your textbooks…

20. You’ll Form a Strong Opinion on Topics like Vaccines:

nursing school meme

Please vaccinate your children. Please. Do it for all future nursing students.

21. Remember Sleep?

nursing school meme

You’re going to become an expert on thriving on little sleep.

22. And When You Do Get Some Sleep:

nursing school meme

It’s almost like you’re always in school! Send this to fellow students before the semester ends.

23. When You Start to Get a Cough:

nursing school meme

You can’t get sick! How will you find the time to be behind on schoolwork?

24. The Perfect Man Doesn’t Exi-

nursing school memes

If only you had the time to meet him. If only…

25. When You’re Doing a Procedure for the First Time:

nursing school memes

It’s technically not a lie! Just keep the confidence up and remember your training.

26. You’ll Have the Perfect Halloween Decorations:

nursing school memes

Better put this one out after dark. You don’t want to scare any future nursing students.

27. Hearing a Drug Name You Have to Memorize:

nursing school memes

You’re not just learning medicine, you’re also learning Latin! Consider it a two for one education.

28. You’ll Find Inspiration in the Strangest of Places:

nursing school memes

Inspiration can strike anywhere at any time. Or just repeatedly over an entire year. Remember, if you can survive the invasion of murder hornets and the end of the world, you can survive nursing school.

29. You Keep Hearing About a Shortage of Nurses in the Workforce:

nursing school memes

And then suddenly it hits you.

30. When You’re Taking an Exam:

nursing school memes

You have to wonder what’s even the point in studying sometimes.

31. After You Take Any Exam and See the Answers:

nursing school memes

We hate to hear it.

32. Is That a List or a Roll of Toilet Paper?

Like the Energizer Bunny, it just keeps going and going and going and…

33. When It’s Time to Start Preparing for Finals:

Good thing you now know how to place an IV!

34. The Dread That Comes When Everyone is Finishing Before You:

nursing school memes

They’re definitely giving up. Keep going, you got this.

35. That Last Exam Feeling:

nursing school meme

It’s over. It’s finally over.

36. Once You Finally Graduate:

nursing school meme

Now only memories remain…

37. Then You Remember You Still Have the NCLEX:

nursing school meme

It’s only the most important exam of your nursing education.

38. And Then You FINALLY Start Your First Day on the Job:

nursing school meme

You didn’t really think it was over, did you?

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