The 25 Best Gifts for Nursing Students They’ll Love This Year

The 25 Best Gifts for Nursing Students They’ll Love This Year

With the holidays right around the corner and many nursing students looking towards final exams and clinicals, it’s time to start thinking about that special nursing student in your life! Here are some great gifts for nursing students that are relevant to the current times to ensure your favorite student nurse feels supported and cared for as they follow their nursing career dreams.

1. Scrubs

It’s a no-brainer that nursing students can never have too many scrubs! There are thousands to choose from so knowing your nursing student’s favorite colors and prints will help you decide which ones they’ll appreciate the most.

2. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Staring at a computer screen for endless classes and finals can have any nursing student’s eyes needing a little TLC. Blue light blocking glasses assist in taking the edge off the blue spectrum light from computers that can create tired eyes.

3. Cell Phone Sanitizer

Whether they’re in clinicals all day or just going to classes, most nursing students will take their cell phones wherever they go. It’s no wonder cell phones are dirtier than toilet seats. Being exposed to so many of the elements, a UV light sterilizer is perfect to eliminate germs and bacteria in minutes.

4. Keurig Mini Coffee Maker

No matter where they are, a nursing student shouldn’t be too far from a good cup of coffee. Mini coffee makers are perfect to have in dorms or small spaces for a quick boost of energy.

5. Nursing Shoe Bag

What’s better than changing out of your shoes after a long day? Having a safe place to put them! A totable shoe bag is perfect for nursing students going from place to place to keep their car and home free of germs and grime.

6. Nursing Shoes

Speaking of shoes, every nursing student needs a pair of comfortable sneakers or clogs whether they’re on their feet all day at clinicals or shadowing another nurse. Invest in a pair of nonslip, cushioned shoes for all-day support.

7. Personalized Stethoscope ID Tag

Whether it’s practicing in real life or in the classroom, a stethoscope is a must-have for a nursing student. Arguably even more important is a personalized ID tag to place on it in case of misplacement or another accidentally taking it. Bonus is the added personal flair to make it their own!

8. Nurse Bag

Nursing students need everything conveniently together in one place from textbooks to nursing gear. Give your nursing student a fashionable yet durable bag with multiple pockets where they can fit all their needs for their busy lifestyle.

9. Neck and Back Massager

After a long day of clinicals and homework, nursing students may be in need of a little heat and pressure to soothe sore muscles. A neck and back massager is the perfect substitution if no one is around to utilize their massaging skills.

10. Nurse-Themed Decor

Wall hangings filled with quotes related to nursing or even a photo of them in action will help a nursing student remember why they choose to work towards a nursing career and will keep them moving towards the next step!

11. Instant Pot

Not every nursing student wants to survive on cafeteria food. An Instant Pot allows you to put simple ingredients into the pot to make a delicious meal in half the time of a slow cooker and without the effort of cooking on a stove. It’ll also assist in budgeting and making heart-healthy meals for your favorite nursing student.

12. An Inspirational Nursing Book

Although nursing students already have a ton of reading to do for classes, an inspiring book on nursing can help break up the required reading and keep them wanting to go to class. Many nursing books and memoirs include quotes and stories from other nurses that’ll inspire them.

13. New Nurse Survival Kit

Grab a basic basket or mesh bag and fill it with items all nursing students will appreciate. A few essentials may include pens and notepads, gift cards, candy for a sweet treat, candles or bath bombs to wind down with, lip balm for chapped mask lips, and even wine to celebrate their nursing school milestones.

14. Smartwatches

Whether it’s an Apple Watch or a Fitbit, your nursing student will appreciate a smartwatch to wear as they walk the halls of their hospital or private practice in clinicals and at their school. It’ll keep track of their steps, heartbeat, and sleep patterns so they can optimize their work and play.

15. Hand Cream

Nursing students are constantly washing their hands and using sanitizer, especially in the midst of the current climate. Get them a high-quality hand cream that will be sure to bring hydration back to even the driest of hands.

16. Yeti Insulated Cup

Nursing students need their hydration whether it’s a mug of hot tea, coffee, or even ice-cold water. Yeti cups will keep drinks cold or hot for multiple clinical shifts and exams so nursing students can sip their favorite holiday beverages all winter long.

17. Nursing Graduation Pin

If your nursing student is getting ready to graduate this winter, look for a simple and elegant graduation pin they can keep on their cap or gown to commemorate that special moment when their nursing career begins.

18. Nurse Coffee Mugs

Get your nursing student a coffee mug they’ll be excited to use! Whether it’s a silly saying, an inspiring quote, or a line from a nursing show, these coffee mugs will have them proud to be a nursing student following their dreams as they sip their drink of choice.

19. Compression Socks

A pair of socks for the holidays is more than a gift to a nursing student that spends most of the day on their feet! Compression socks help with blood circulation and with multiple patterns to choose from, they’ll have fun choosing a different pair each day.

20. Nurse Sweater or a Light Jacket

With hospital temps constantly fluctuating and your nursing student going between schoolwork and clinicals, they’ll be thrilled to receive a track jacket or a personalized nursing sweater to wear as an additional layer.

21. A Planner Book

With multiple appointments, clinicals, schoolwork, and classes to keep track of, a nursing student needs a good, sturdy agenda to plan their days out. Personalize it by adding their name to the book for easy identification.


Being a nursing student requires a ton of reading. Get them a nursing-themed bookmark to carry with them as they mark their stopping points. Bonus points to choose one with an inspirational quote that keeps them going.

23. Stethoscope case

It’s important for nursing students to keep track of and take proper care of their stethoscope for cleanliness and accessibility.  A sturdy case can also hold other tools such as a thermometer and scissors for easy access.

24. Nursing Reference Guides

Nursing reference guides are extremely detailed “cheat sheets” with everything a nursing student needs to take with them on the hospital floor. Reference cards on cardio, respiratory, and more can be tucked into scrubs to always have the answer on hand.

25. A Gift Certificate for a Spa Day 

Student nurses deserve all the pampering and relaxation they have time for, but they may not have the funds for a luxurious day at the spa. They’ll appreciate the gift of a spa day that they can schedule when they need it most.

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